Updates and Enddates

June 18, 2013

Shalom loyal fans!
I haven’t posted here in over two years! I apologize, but I think there evidently is enough information already on the blog to help 90% of the people and issues that they have.

But I have quite a few things to say, not necessarily in this order:

1. Doch Shnati Annual Tax Return deadline has been fluidly postponed again this year. It is the end of June, so you have some time yet.

2. I just called Mas Hachnassa, and they said I do not have to appear in person at their office to submit my printout of my doch. I can put both copies in the mail (my office is Jaffa Road 236, Jerusalem) and they will stamp my copy and mail it back to me. Kewel!

3. That printout is from the online doch shnati that everyone has to do nowadays. I never posted about it (tsk tsk). It really is quite easy. Some tips:
a. use Microsoft Internet Explorer (probably impossible otherwise).
b. Prepare the doch on paper first, so all you have to do is copy. Otherwise, you will spend too much time on line and perhaps lose your work.
c. Save frequently.
d. Other suggestions all apply as before, when completing the doch by hand old fashioned.

4. (Hidden sneakingly) I closed my tik! Because when doing my USA taxes for that $1000 a kid kickback, my accountant told me that an atzmai has to pay a $1000 fee to the IRS! So when you factor this in, the luxury of having an Israeli tik without having enough clients that require it can be very expensive.

I also got a j-o-b, so I am making money without needing a tik, so that pretty much clinched it.

If I will ever want to open a tik again, I can simply google “opening a tik” and find a dozen videos about the Simpsons (?) I mean, “opening a tik at mas hachnassa”, and find a whole bunch of information that some kinds soul wrote since February 2008…

5. Closing a tik, btw, is also easy and not scary.
a. Go to VAT offices on Kanfei Nesharim 66 (not 236 Jaffa). This is even if you are an osek patur, that is, had nothing to do with VAT de facto.
b. Tell them you want to close your tik. You will fill out a form and undergo a short meetign with a nice clerk. In fact, iirc, I filled out the form with the clerk’s help.
c. When you get your copy of what they give you, go downstairs to the modi’in, tell them you closed your tik in Ma’am and need to close it in Mas Hachnasa, they give you a form to fill out, you do that, submit it, and voila! You’re done. NOTE: I did this in Kanfei Nesharim even though I am really affiliated with Jaffa 236. I just wrote in big letters (as someone told me to) “Chuliyah 46” or whatever the number was, and they said it would get there in internal mail.

There you go, kind and faithful readers!
I hope this blog will continue to help people, and please continue to write if you have any questions. Even though I am no longer in the game, I still remember the rules, and as they say, “those who know, do, those who don’t so, teach.” Or something like that.


Doch Shnati Deadline Extended !(what a surprise)

May 4, 2011

Hi loyal fans!

I apologize for not updating this blog as frequently as I should. Please submit your request for your money back in triplicate:-)

Anyway, great news!

As I had a feeling would happen, Mas Hachnasa has extended the deadline for submitting the doch shnati tax return. It was scheduled to be April 30, 2011. This was three days after the end of Pesach, and Shabbat, by the way.

Anyway, nu nu nu I was a naughty boy and didn’t submit my form till then.

But as I said, I had a feeling it would be extended.

So today I succeeded in finding a phone number where someone answered. 02-6559559 ext 6 then 2. That brought be to Galia in the Mateh, and lo and behold, she answered the phone!

So I asked her if there has been an extension. She said I think so, wait a sec. She asked a colleague and he said yes (get this) till June 30! That’s right, not one month, but TWO MONTHS extension!

You can all go back to sleep now.

BTW, you have to submit it by Internet online starting this year. Bli neder, I will report how (easy it is) to do this.

Second time it gets easier…

May 20, 2010

Well, it seems I’ve been an atzmai for about two years two months!

I apologize to you, my faithful readers, for not updating this blog more frequently, not to mention for not providing more significant and relevant and helpful (and authoritative) information. You can dock my salary:-)

Seriously, I would appreciate feedback, which would motivate me to write more…

Now that we’ve gotten that off of my chest, here are my comments on completing a Doch Shnati Annual Tax Return:

1. So far, far the second year running, the deadline has been extended from April 30 till May 31. This might be the third year running, or perhaps this happen every year, but I’ve only been watching this year and last. A little odd, as it is hard to imagine a reason to extend that they couldn’t have foreseen, but Welcome To Israel, I guess..

2. Unfortunately, I did not photocopy my Doch Return form from last year, or at least I cannot find it:-), as having it with the questions I had might have made things easier for me this year. The good news is that it ended up being not that hard at all anyway.

3. Here are the questions that I wrote down and got answered by Zehava when I went for the guidance hours:

Line 3: What is the sum that my wife reports (her Tofes 106 has a whole bunch of numbers)

Sections Daled through Yod: Need I cross out the fields that I do not have to fill out?

Line 43: Is this relevant for my wife?

Line 45: Is this relevant for me?

Line 62: Is this relevant for my wife and me?

Line 67: Donations – need I bother submitting?

Line 69: I live in Maale Adumim – is this relevant?

Line 70: Is this relevant for my wife and me or just for me?

Line 71: What do I report for my wife, and is this relevant for me (I did some work during the national elections for a party, they said the 25% tax [ouch!] is definitely non-refundable)?

No line: Need I complete form 1320?

4. The answers:

Sections that I do not need to fill out do not need to be crossed out – don’t bother.

The lion’s share of my questions dealt with my wife’s tofes 106. (Lines 3, 43, 44, 49, 50, 64, 71). Here is the solution, which would have saved me a lot of time with Zehava, and will save you time:

Every line on the Doch Shnati form has a field, often two (for the filer and for his/her spouse). Each field has a code number clearly associated with it. For example, line question 43 has field code 218 for the filer and 219 for the spouse.

NOW, look at the Tofes 106 – every relevant line has a Mem Heh code associated with it. Guess what – that Mem Heh stands for Mas Hachnasa! And guess what – those code numbers match the code numbers on the Doch Shnati form that I discussed in the last paragraph! So all you have to do is connect the dots. Every line in your spouse’s Tofes 106 that has a Code Mem Heh in it, find the identical code on the Doch Shnati, and copy the sum on the Tofes 106 belonging to that code number into the associated field on the Doch Shnati. Simple and fun as that!

I hope this is as clear as it is to me.

The only other questions I had:

Line 45: my Bituach Leumi payments: well, since I know I am below the minimum, I know my payments are about 100 NIS a month. Zehava wasn’t too worried about my reporting the exact total of my payments to Bituach Leumi, so I just wrote down 1300 (one month for good luck). YMMV – you should look this up in preparation for filling out the Doch Shnati and get it exact.

Line 62: Bituach Hayyim Life Insurance: I will find the annual reports I get from the companies that send me for my wife’s and my policies, I expect that there will be a Mem Heh code on those pages too, at least it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what numbers go in these fields. As with the philanthropic donations below, this information should result in a tax refund!

Line 67: Charity donations: find all the receipts of donations to Malkarim (NPOs) that say “mukar letzarkei mas hachnasa” and submit them in the original, you evidently get a third back if you have donated more than 400 NIS this year. (if you donated less than about 10% of your income, you should consider upping your donations. Thus spake your conscience:-)

Line 69: Maale Adumim is not a special area, probably just Sderot and Kiryat Shmoneh, but YMMV. Couldn’t hurt to fill out if you think it might be helpful.

Line 70: I just copied from Line 1 – my reported income (sum total of all receipts issued as reported in my receipt book). Form 1320 is a worksheet that helps you clarify your deductions (like transportation, office supplies, etc. – expenses needed to generate income). Since I knew my gross income before deductions was low enough to report as is without calculating deductions, I just did that. Hopefully next year I will happily fill out form 1320:-).

Line 71: In fact, the 25% tax paid on work for political parties is unrefundable. Ouch indeed.

SO… My action items are:

1. find those Life Insurance annual receipts and enter the relevant number in fields 036 and 081, Line 62.

2. Find all my charity receipts and enter the relevant number in fields 037 and 237, Line 67.

3. Complete my personal details in the Yesh Lershom Pratim Adkaniim box (the third section on Page 1). Zehava had kindly pasted my sticker in the section above this.

4. Complete the Bank Details on Line 76, so they can deposit my refund (yay).

5. Submit the Doch with spouse’s Tofes 106, Life Insurance original receipts, charitable donations original receipts, and tofes 1320, to the Information Window at mas Hachnasa, 216 Rehov Yaffo, sixth floor. Get it stamped and get a Meushar certified copy.

6. Do all this before June 1.

PS I see that last year’s entry might be helpful too:



Here’s a site/page that looks good too:


PS from this page: https://atzmai.wordpress.com/2008/06/26/bituach-leumi-take-two/ I learned that I am actually probably paying 148 NIS a month to Bituach Leumi. I should review this blog more often!