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June 18, 2013

Shalom loyal fans!
I haven’t posted here in over two years! I apologize, but I think there evidently is enough information already on the blog to help 90% of the people and issues that they have.

But I have quite a few things to say, not necessarily in this order:

1. Doch Shnati Annual Tax Return deadline has been fluidly postponed again this year. It is the end of June, so you have some time yet.

2. I just called Mas Hachnassa, and they said I do not have to appear in person at their office to submit my printout of my doch. I can put both copies in the mail (my office is Jaffa Road 236, Jerusalem) and they will stamp my copy and mail it back to me. Kewel!

3. That printout is from the online doch shnati that everyone has to do nowadays. I never posted about it (tsk tsk). It really is quite easy. Some tips:
a. use Microsoft Internet Explorer (probably impossible otherwise).
b. Prepare the doch on paper first, so all you have to do is copy. Otherwise, you will spend too much time on line and perhaps lose your work.
c. Save frequently.
d. Other suggestions all apply as before, when completing the doch by hand old fashioned.

4. (Hidden sneakingly) I closed my tik! Because when doing my USA taxes for that $1000 a kid kickback, my accountant told me that an atzmai has to pay a $1000 fee to the IRS! So when you factor this in, the luxury of having an Israeli tik without having enough clients that require it can be very expensive.

I also got a j-o-b, so I am making money without needing a tik, so that pretty much clinched it.

If I will ever want to open a tik again, I can simply google “opening a tik” and find a dozen videos about the Simpsons (?) I mean, “opening a tik at mas hachnassa”, and find a whole bunch of information that some kinds soul wrote since February 2008…

5. Closing a tik, btw, is also easy and not scary.
a. Go to VAT offices on Kanfei Nesharim 66 (not 236 Jaffa). This is even if you are an osek patur, that is, had nothing to do with VAT de facto.
b. Tell them you want to close your tik. You will fill out a form and undergo a short meetign with a nice clerk. In fact, iirc, I filled out the form with the clerk’s help.
c. When you get your copy of what they give you, go downstairs to the modi’in, tell them you closed your tik in Ma’am and need to close it in Mas Hachnasa, they give you a form to fill out, you do that, submit it, and voila! You’re done. NOTE: I did this in Kanfei Nesharim even though I am really affiliated with Jaffa 236. I just wrote in big letters (as someone told me to) “Chuliyah 46” or whatever the number was, and they said it would get there in internal mail.

There you go, kind and faithful readers!
I hope this blog will continue to help people, and please continue to write if you have any questions. Even though I am no longer in the game, I still remember the rules, and as they say, “those who know, do, those who don’t so, teach.” Or something like that.


a little more about osek patur plus sachir

March 6, 2011

a message to me, a reply in a comment somewhere on this blog, and a repost here in its own post..

Dear Chana Leah,

Thanks for writing, sorry for the time lag in responding, I guess you get what you pay for:-)

I have been reading your blog on-and-off for a while. I just opened an osek patur, but I am still working in a regular “sachir” job part-time. I wanted to ask you the following: Will this affect the taxes that I will pay at my sachir job or as an osek patur?

>>I remind you, my “advice” is not professional, just my educated guess. Depending on your salaried income, it probably will not impact. I don’t have the exact numbers, but from what I understand, if your combined income is under a certain number, you do not pay more. See below>>

If so, do I need to visit Te’um mas or any other office to fix this?

>>The question isn’t how much tax you will pay, but how much people will withhold from you. Ultimately, around Pesach you will go to the free advice hours, and they will help you complete your tax return (doch shnati) and tell you how little if any tax you will have to pay. But until then, you should go the Mas Hachnasa and get a teum mas, so your salaried job won’t deduct more than he should, and your clients won’t think they have to withhold at source (nikkui mas bamakor). Getting a teum mas is painless, just takes time. I understand that you can do it online nowadays. Taxes.mof.gov.il or something like that.

Thanks for your help, Chana Leah

Thanks, Gidon Ariel


January 4, 2011

Jacob wrote:

Gidon, thanks for your blog, it’s really helpful! I am at the point of making my decision now – patur or murshe. and before i go to a tax advisor i’d like to know as much as i can. Can you please advise, whether osek patur can have deductibles like partial car expenses, gas, electricity, office rent, etc? I do not mean VAT, but reduction of the final profit i’ll get to pay taxes from? Or the taxes are calculated from my “brutto” income?

Someone also said, i cannot do web site support and development as osek patur, even if i get less than64k a year. Is it really so?

I’ll really appreciate your help.

Here’s my answer:

Remember, I am not an official tax advisor, just a fellow shnook who tries to help and be helped;-)

From my understanding, an Osek Patur makes so little money, they are patur (not required to) collect and foward/pay VAT tot he VAT authorities. This comes to about 64K NIS a year (give or take a few 10k’s).  From my understanding, if you are making so little money a year, you are not going to be paying mas hachnasa to the mas hachnasa authorities, either. So “deductibles” are immaterial. The idea of deductibles is to deduct their value from your brutto gross income, and then calculate the tax you owe. Since you are starting with zero tax owed, you can’t go lower than that:-) PS this is what happens to me and so I am lax with collecting “deductible expense” receipts like cab fares, ink, computer, etc.

If you do end up owing taxes cause you make more than the minimum, than the bottom line is easy: was this expense instrumental in generating income for you. Would you have been able to generate income without expending for this. The partial expenses you list are maybe hazier than an ink cartridge, but you can and should ask on internet forums, this is a simple question.

>>Someone also said, i cannot do web site support and development as osek patur, even if i get less than64k a year. Is it really so?

Don’t tell that person about me, that’s exactly what I do:-) My declared business (iirc – they strangely do not give you a copy of your request to open a business including the field where you describe your services – I spent about an hour crafting that sentence!) was “Office Services, Translations and Internet services”.  I think “sherutei Internet” should do the trick for you too.


Tium Mas, Osek Zair, Unemployment benefits

July 10, 2010
Here’s a question someone sent me, instead of asking him to post it here and only then responding to it on this blog, I an cutting the bureaucracy and posting it directly. Your comments appreciated:-)
—–Original Message—–
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2010 11:42 PM
Subject: tax status query
i came across your very interesting and helpful website through a google search.
>>thank you shucks:-)
i was hoping that you may be able to answer a question that i have. once in a while, i do freelance work as a translator and recently i was asked to do some for someone working at an institution that requires me to provide a to’em mas.
>>that would be a ti-um mas
the issue is that i am officially listed with bitu’ah le’umi as ‘unemployed’ because i do not work and i have no income. (i likewise receive a significant discount on arnona, as a result.)
since this is a short-term engagement and i do not expect to receive much money (at most maybe NIS 10 000, probably much less)
>>this is NOT a small amount of money! If you would have said 100 NIS or even 500 NIS, then maybe…
, (1) how do i provide a to’em mas? (is it by following the steps mentioned above, namely, becoming an oved za’ir?)
>>If you are currently listed as a lo-oved, collecting bituach leumi unemployment benefits, then as far as I know, you cannot work for money at all to make it worth your while. I thought otherwise myself once, even asked the clerk at the bituach leumi desk, probably misunderstood her, and ended up eating the rotten fish, getting smacked, and being exiled from the city.
if so, (2) how does this affect my status as ‘unemployed’, since i will essentially still be unemployed after this is finished?
>>I would suggest that if you want to continue collecting unemployment benefits (which as far as I remember last no longer than six months anyway) then do so.
But if you can hustle up some 10K jobs, even 300 NIS jobs, open up a tik and get to work! See other posts on this blog for how-to’s.
Again, others might encourage you otherwise, but I would strongly not try to dance at two weddings here.
all of this is very new to me, so i would appreciate greatly any thoughts you may have.
thanks so much,

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

August 4, 2009

Someone posted this as a comment somewhere on my blog, and I thought it can be halpful as a post. Bevakasha!

  1. ari Says:

    hi gidon.

    i’m planning on heading out to the tax offices now to register as an atzmai’i. any advice as i head down this potentially bankrupting, forcing-me-to-move-back-to-the-U.S.-shekeless-road?

  2. Gidon Says:
    Hi Ari,

    Good luck in your endeavors!

    I don’t know the nature and scope of the work you intend to do, but in general, registering as an atzmai is not potentially bankrupting!

    Especially, my “expertise” (sic) is about osek za’ir, which means small business, less than about 60,000 NIS a year (income or profit, or somewhere in between), about 5,000 NIS a month. If you make so little, then chances are the authorities will not require payments or even fines that will bankrupt you.

    This blog focuses on interfacing with bureaucracy, not financial success of your business. As a friend of mine once wisely said, he hopes he gets taxed a lot, because that means he is making a lot.

    If your business idea and execution are sensible and market-driven, then you will probably succeed.

    If you add advice from NBN, MATI, various blogs and websites to that mix, and don’t “jump over your pupik”, then you have a good chance at success, and will probably not be forced to move back to the US without a dime.

    I am sure you wrote some of your comment tongue in cheek, but keep your chin up, be optimistic, and good luck!