a message about tium mas – your comments appreciated

Shalom Gidon!
Thank you for your blog – it’s quite a nice support! 
Thank you aww shucks
I am an olah from Toronto,  
 and while I have a job at a bar, I am also getting into the business of doing English voice-overs for videos.  
good luck
 The company I now work for requested a Teum Mas. Two questions: 1) Where in Jerusalem do I go to arrange one of these?;  
a long time ago, i got one, pretty easily. i went to Kanfei Nesharim (66 i think) but I live in Maale Adumim, you might need to go to Center One
 and 2) Do I need any information from my other employer when I go to arrange this for my second employer? 
I think how much you expect to make from all your employers total 2011. If you are follwoing the adventures of an Osek Zair, than you probably have nothing to worry about:-)
But I think nowadays you can get a teum mas via the Internet! In fact, it might even be the better or even only way…
Please keep me posted. I will post this on my blog for others to chime in. Gotta love Web 2.0…
Thanks, shavuah tov.

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