a little more about osek patur plus sachir

a message to me, a reply in a comment somewhere on this blog, and a repost here in its own post..

Dear Chana Leah,

Thanks for writing, sorry for the time lag in responding, I guess you get what you pay for:-)

I have been reading your blog on-and-off for a while. I just opened an osek patur, but I am still working in a regular “sachir” job part-time. I wanted to ask you the following: Will this affect the taxes that I will pay at my sachir job or as an osek patur?

>>I remind you, my “advice” is not professional, just my educated guess. Depending on your salaried income, it probably will not impact. I don’t have the exact numbers, but from what I understand, if your combined income is under a certain number, you do not pay more. See below>>

If so, do I need to visit Te’um mas or any other office to fix this?

>>The question isn’t how much tax you will pay, but how much people will withhold from you. Ultimately, around Pesach you will go to the free advice hours, and they will help you complete your tax return (doch shnati) and tell you how little if any tax you will have to pay. But until then, you should go the Mas Hachnasa and get a teum mas, so your salaried job won’t deduct more than he should, and your clients won’t think they have to withhold at source (nikkui mas bamakor). Getting a teum mas is painless, just takes time. I understand that you can do it online nowadays. Taxes.mof.gov.il or something like that.

Thanks for your help, Chana Leah

Thanks, Gidon Ariel


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