the infamous Osek Zair receipt book

while i was at it, I scanned this book. Now you know what it looks like from the outside (from the inside, you’ll have to wait for another slow news day).




2 Responses to the infamous Osek Zair receipt book

  1. Ruth Rogers says:

    Hi Gideon,
    I’m slightly confused – this is your receipt book right? It doesn’t HAVE to look EXACTLY like yours, does it? Because I have been using a smaller, simpler one I bought from Graphos – is that ok or I have to start again from scratch? And what is the difference between osek zair and osek patur? Just when I thought I am figuring out things you come and throw another wrench – not nice! 😉

    Regards, Ruth

  2. Gidon Ariel says:

    Ruth, this is a good question.

    I had gotten too many “instructions” that this is the EXACT book that must be used, so I decided to use it.

    I expect that the main reason that you need any type of book at all is so that the Authorities will be satisfied with your receipt giving if and when they audit you. I further expect that they won’t levy a back breaking fine against an osek zair if they are using a “non-official” book.

    I venture to guess that your Graphos book (btw, I bought this one at Graphos too) does not say “osek patur or zair” on it, is not numbered, etc..

    And osek zair (small business) and osek patur (business not required [to interface with the VAT authorities]) are identical.

    good luck Ruth!!

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