Mazal tov! Submitted hatzharat hon and doch shnati

After my first visit to the Tax Authorities for initial guidance session a few weeks ago, I realized that my thirty day extension was coming to an end, and i should go back for a hopefully final guidance and assistance session and submission.

I could not get through to verify what the hours were, I assumed it would certainly be open at least til noon. When I arrived, the guard said guidance hours were from 4-6pm , no day hours. Well, I decided to try my luck.

Of course, it wasn’t luck, just preparing. Since I made friends with Meni the last time, I went straight to him and asked him if he could help me a bit even though it’s not helping hours. He squirmed a bit, but said ok, while he’s doing other stuff. I thanked him profusely, and proceeded to have what seemed to me to be a regular helping session:-)

First we finished the doch shnati annual tax return.

My situation is relatively easy. I had all of my income through my receipt book, less than the taxable minimum, so the grand total went into one field for that.

My wife has a salaried position, so I had her tofes 106, annual income summary.

On this tofes 106, there are descriptions of payments or deductions, the amount for each, and the Code of each.

Meni told me to look for each Code on the tax return form, and copy the amount into the field of that code.

Simple as that!

I signed it (the employee spouse did not need to sign it), showed it to Meni, he said it’s good to go.

By then, Meni had to go into a meeting with his Boss, so he handed me over to an equally nice colleague of his, Ilan, who would help me with my hatzharat hon, net worth declaration.

(To remind you, the hatzharat hon is taken every five years from atzmaim to see in general terms if you have a lot more stuff than you should based on your declared income since your last hatzharat hon. For me, this was my baseline.)

Ilan took my folder (actually, I prefer plastic A4 sized sleeves) of anything dealing with insurance and savings, looked at each page, said “submit this” and put an X next to what I need to submit (usually a sefach tear-off) or “this is not relevant.”

Then he said to add up all the amounts he X’ed, andd list them as a summary under Insurance.

Luckily, I had brought my latest mortgage mashkanta statement, which he said to submit and list under Debt.

I also sumitted the Report of Dec 31 Bank Balance which I got for free from Bank Hadoar, and had to pay 55 NIS to Bank Discount for ($%$*!!!)

Then I wnt to photocopy everything I was about to submit the original of (30 agurot a copy, machine returns change, no line), and then helped someone who thought I worked there with her Tax Return. I told her, here is a case of the second grader teaching the first grader:-)

Then I took my two forms and attached documentation to the Inforation and Submission clerk, he nicely took and stamped it (even though I was about 3 minutes after his break was to start) and That’s It!

Sorry for not scanning or otherwise finding the Hatzharat Hon form and Tax Return form and annotating them, but hopefully this rambling post will help you.


4 Responses to Mazal tov! Submitted hatzharat hon and doch shnati

  1. sara says:

    Mazal Tov! I also submitted my yearly tax return yesterday and had the kind of simple experience that you did. Waited in line for about an hour (which I deserved for showing up at 5 pm) and then worked with a very kind woman for about 10 minutes. No taxes due (I made 20,000 NIS as an atzmait this year) and I’ll get a refund on the taxes withheld from my part-time job (for which I had a tofes 106).

    I also asked about mikdamot, and they said that I shouldn’t worry about it…I am not sure whether requesting an official ptor (as you did) is required when you make under 4900 NIS/month, but I’ve now been told this by two separate employees, so I’m going to cease worrying.

    In any case, here’s a concurrent opinion to your experiences: being an atzmai/t (albeit a low-earning one) can be pretty easy and accountant-free!

  2. Tzvi says:

    I recommend doing hatzharat hon with the advice of an Israeli accountant. The goal in your first hatzhara is to list as much as possible so there won’t be a glaring gap between the total of your first and the total of your second. I recently finished my second and paid a nice fee to the guy who did it. For second and up hatzharot, the accountants have tables and know what to look for to help you give in a balanced report. For example if your total is too high, they’ll have ideas of sources of income you might have forgotten to include.

  3. Gidon Ariel says:

    Hi Tzvi, welcome and thanks for your comments!

    I guess a sharp accountant might have been able to find some significant hon that I didn’t notice. But remember, I’m on a self induced challenge: to do this myself with only the help of the nice people at Mas Hachnasa and Bituach Leumi.

    In five (ten? Whatever) years when I will do my next hatzharat hon, I assume and expect that there won’t be substantial gaps. Halevai I should have them:-) Meanwhile, every year I expect that I will mark down significant non-earned income (like inheritances, hishtalmut and gemel, whatever) so I won’t be surprised.

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