A little update

Well, we had a small road accident, a Pesach vacation, a police headquarters relocation, a lot of other business, and good ol’ laziness keeping me from making progress here.

What I’ve done:

1. Concluded that the official Osek Zair receipt book comes in size 400 receipts only. (Isn’t that STUPID?? Anyone who is an osek zair is not going to have so many transactions by definition!) I am hoping that I’ll either find a smaller receipt book (25 receipts is a suitable number), get advice from someone that a Word or PDF receipt is acceptable, or bite the bullet and buy the 400 receipt book.

2. I’ve filled out form 2216 A (see https://atzmai.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/a-little-update-about-mas-hachnassa-specifically-getting-a-ptor-from-mikdamot/)
and scanned it and prepared the cover letter and even found the name of the Chief Tax Collector at my tx office. Now I’m waiting to find out his email address..

3. I got a comment on my first post by the well known Anglo Israeli CPA Yitzhak Treister. Hopefully he will share many knowledgeable tidbits with us!

4. I formatted a standard Sefer Takbulim Vetashlumim into an Excel spreadsheet. More on that later.


2 Responses to A little update

  1. Sarah Fisher says:

    Hi! Your blog is very interesting. I also recently became Osek Patur. I’m trying to figure out where to go to buy the receipt book. Can you advise me?

  2. Gidon Ariel says:

    I bit the bullet and bought the standard Hadar receipt book for Osek Zair. catalog number #8, barcode 5778230. It cost me 62.90 NIS at my local Graphos.

    Good luck!

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