A little update about Mas Hachnassa (specifically, getting a ptor from Mikdamot)

April 6, 2008

As you might remember, i was told during my consultation at Mas hachnasa that I probably will be awarded a ptor (release) from paying mikdamot (monthly prepayments) because I expect to make less than 50,000 NIS this year.

As I wrote:

  1. If you project to make less than the minimum to require tax payment, you can disregard the Pinkas Mikdamot (pre-pay tax stub booklet) and request to be relieved of prepaying at the Gvia department. (I’ll blog about my doing this, of course).

Anyway, if I remember correctly, I sent an email or filled out a contact form at the Mas Hachnasa website, and got an email back to fill out form 2216/א at http://www.mof.gov.il/taxes/tfasim_mas.htm and give to the Goveh Rashi  (chief tax collector) at the relevant office. So I downloaded it, filled it out, and started trying to figure out which is the relevant office, and who is the goveh rashi there, and how can I get this form to him in the easiest acceptable way (=fax or scan and email).

I called up the number Ms. Ciwi mentioned (quoted in my last post here) and found out that they only answer the phone between 8 and 1. Or, perhaps more logically, they will not answer the phone at any time besides then (talmudists will realize that they might not answer between 8 and 1…)

I hope to report here success in getting my ptor. Meanwhile, I continue to not pay my mikdamot, hoping that inaction now will not cause me more required action later…