A lovely time at Mas Hachnasa

After getting a tip from a member of CIWI (Connecting Independent Writers in Israel that:

The Income Tax department (mas hachnasa) is currently offering free guidance on filling out your 2007 tax return (for salaried employees) or annual report (for atzmaiim). It just started on Sunday and will go until the end of April every afternoon between 4pm and 7pm at their office on Kanfei Nesharim.

I went yesterday at 4pm and there were only two other people waiting! The clerks warned that in a few weeks it will be bedlam. (I went later last year and I remember that there were about 50 people waiting and most were not in a good mood). Therefore my advice is to go ASAP!

The clerks were relaxed and patient, and my report was completed and submitted in 15 minutes, without me paying a penny to a tax advisor.

As always before visiting a government office, you should call ahead to make sure that you know which documents you need to bring with you.

The no. for Mas Hachnasa is 654 5111.

Behatzlacha rabba and happy Purim!

I figured I have nothing to lose, free is nice. Luckily my son’s dentist appointment was pushed up to 3:10 yesterday instead of 5, so I could put him on a bus back to Maale Adumim in time for Krav Maga, and walked from Machaneh Yehuda to the Central Bus Station/Center One.

You might remember that Mas Hachnasa has a main Jerusalem branch on Kanfei Nesharim, and in fact the CIWIer quoted above pointed me to that location. But since the Center 1 office was walking distance, and I’d been told that the Center 1 spot services Judea and Samaria residents, I figure I’d give it a shot.

Sure enough, I got there at about 5:10, and the place looked abandoned. Even the wall signs announced closing times no later than 5. But someone walking out told me that I could get service on the 6th floor, room 615, and I made a beeline for there.

There was no one in that room, but the lights and the computers were on and I had a feeling they were on a coffee break. The resident of room 614 said he might be around, and was nice enough to go find him.

Well, as Ms. Ciwi predicted, no one was on line before me, and no one after me.

To make a long story short (after you’ve suffered through all this fluff:-), I learned the following things:

  1. If you make less than about 50K NIS a year, and in some cases, less than 70K or more, Mas Hachnasa isn’t going to take any money from you.
  2. You are strongly urged to keep good records of your business, first and foremost for your own good. If you document all business related income and expenses, you are OK.
  3. If you project to make less than the minimum to require tax payment, you can disregard the Pinkas Mikdamot (pre-pay tax stub booklet) and request to be relieved of prepaying at the Gvia department. (I’ll blog about my doing this, of course).
  4. If you request to be relieved of prepaying, you might be asked to provide a report/declaration of your income and expenses / profit and loss. (if you follow rule #2 above, you are covered)
  5. You should keep a pinkas kabaklot (receipt book) to document your income, and a sefer tashlumim vetakbulim (payments and receivables book), and whatever other diary you keep will be good too. Again, mostly for you, and if necessary, for the taxman too.

6 Responses to A lovely time at Mas Hachnasa

  1. Mike Harmon says:

    I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  2. Ches Douek says:

    Hi Gidon

    I enjoyed reading about your entertaining experiences with the local
    beurocracy, but really, I think that (unless you’ve got the time, and
    are prepared to take the consequences if you screw up) getting a
    professional to do the scut work for you really pays off in the end.

    Aside from shifting responsibility from yourself, why hassle with
    the “pekidim”?

    Except for Misrad HaPnim in Maale Adumim, whose Pekidim deserve the
    Israel Prize, most of the others leave me wanting to take a shower
    with lots of disinfectant and I am quite happy to have my lawyer
    accountant and book-keeper deal with any issues. And there will be
    issues eventually. Like every so often (for example) you’ll have to
    explain why you own what you do and how you could afford to buy your
    apartment etc. Or you’ll work for an organisation that should take
    off “Tax at Source” and you dont have a current exemption etc etc
    etc…..Then the fun (not) starts

    Well….what can I say….luck?


  3. Gidon Ariel says:

    Hey Ches,

    Thanks for your comment!

    You are right, I’m a sucker for punishment:-) But that is the whole point of this blog – someone JLM (Just Like Me) going where no man has dared before (lol) and showing that it’s not so horrible.

    I am not an accountant and don’t want to be one, but I think I’m doing both accountants and regular folks a service by providing a How To procedure for things anyone can really do, empowering them and freeing accountants to do the really hard, challenging stuff.

    Good luck to us all!

  4. […] called up the number Ms. Ciwi mentioned (quoted in my last post here) and found out that they only answer the phone between 8 and 1. Or, perhaps more logically, they […]

  5. just found your blog as im searching for a phone number for mas chachansa..i just opened a tik with mam as an osek patur atzmai.. and submitted paper work for mas hachansa a montha go a still have not heard from them or recieved an ishur. I called about 25 numbers tonight each one directing me someowhere else..rrg..
    in your travails…do you have a number for mas hachanasa for me to check the status??
    also i have a sefer tashlumim v tikbolim but no idea how to useit..any ideas??

    • Gidon Ariel says:

      Ilana, good luck behatzlacha!
      Please search on this blog for “phone number” – if I know it, it’s here:-)
      I suggest you go over there and ask them…:-(
      Re tashlumim and takbulim, I dont have one. I have a sefer kabalot, which I give to someone when they pay me for services rendered, then I enter the transaction in an Excel sheet, with the following column headings:
      מס חשבון עמוד סכום לכבוד תאריך שירות
      Receipt number
      pay to name
      service rendered

      This excellization helps to add it all up at the end of the year.

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