If I can do it, so can you…

If you can provide a service to others that they are willing to pay for, or own an asset that generates income, you should consider opening your own “tik” (file) in Israel.

This is one way that you can provide these services, get paid for them, and fork over taxes and fees to Governmental and quasi-governmental bureaucracies as legally required, and find grace and perceived wisdom in the eyes of God and man. Definitely Win-Win-Win.

On the other hand, conventional wisdom dictates that opening up a tik in Israel is tantamount to standing outside a police station with a neon sign flashing over your head saying “I’m a Thief! Arrest, Interrogate, and Fine Me!”

An incorrigible optimist, I believe in the idea behind Israel’s Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation (1994) (www.knesset.gov.il/laws/special/eng/basic4_eng.htm), namely, it is proper and in the State’s interest to enable and even empower individuals to make an honest living.

Personally, after years of providing these services through Yeul Sachir, I have decided that I want to open a tik and become an osek patur, AKA osek za’ir – small business.This blog is a diary of my experiences, discussions, and interfacing with officialdom, with as many resources that I can find or create, to make your experience doing the same as easy as possible.


2 Responses to If I can do it, so can you…

  1. Yitzhak treister says:

    I had a quick look through your blog.
    I am a CPA with an office in Beit shemesh.
    I recently spoke at the techshoret conference
    I have a payroll company similar to Rodan

    1.Firstly I think it is great that you want to pass on knowledge to others about this stuff
    2. Knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Going it alone in Israel by opening a file is a little like trying to snow ski for the first time with your eyes blind folded. You might make it to the bottom with out breaking anything but one thing is for sure you will go down!!!!
    3.The advice of a professional who has a more “big picture ” veiw and is familar and known by Mas Hacnassah is extremely important and valueable.
    4.As an example of benefits if the account is electronically linked to Sham you can get tax refunds within 6 weeks. If you do it alone then it can easily take 6 months
    5. To go in and ask for their help to fill out the tax return form is dicey.Will they look at it 7 times to see you have got all you can? Will you walk away knowing how much you should get back and when? When you do receive the “big white sheet “will you be able to figure what the heck is going on?
    In summary guys I like informed clients but as technical writes focus on what you are good at and let us “other guys” deal with the buracratic stink that exsists in this beautiful country of ours. You pay us to take away your headache and that is by far the best most efficient and cheapest way to do things.
    If anyone wants to contact me to talk more my details are 0523857254 or 02-9995625 or cpayitz@gmail.com

    All the best and Shabbat Shalom

    Yitzhak Treister

  2. Gidon Ariel says:

    Hi Yitzhak,

    Thanks for commenting! You are one of the best known Anglo CPAs in Israel. I’m honored that you came by and hope you’ll do so often!

    I’m proud that you didn’t find any blatant mistakes to point out.

    I agree – I’m going against the tide here to say the least. EVERYONE says you should have a CPA at your side. But if I want to be an osek zair (OZ) at first, and the Tax Authority provides free advice sessions and doesn’t require CPAs, wouldn’t it be in everyone’s interest that “little fish” could do their own books? After all, why would you work for me and many other OZs for a rate that we would be willing to pay (less than 10% of our monthly take!) when you could spend that time with people who will gladly pay you more, for much more complex and challenging work, that will actually save them money?

    Anyway, if you will take the time to comment here, hopefully the exposure will get you clients when it’s suitable.

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